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Our Holiday Tamales are Festive and Traditional

At this time of year, many local restaurants are offering holiday speciality dishes for you to enjoy with friends and family. What is different about our holiday special at Los Tarascos? Our special is something not only festive but also authentic and traditional, and it comes straight from our grandmother’s recipe book.

Tamales are one of our favorite Mexican foods to enjoy with great meats, sauces, rice and beans. In Mexico, tamales are served at family meals and celebrations from Independence Day to Christmas, often enjoyed with champurrado or other Mexican dishes. Since we moved here in the 90’s from Michoacan, Mexico with a desire to open an authentic Mexican restaurant, we have been showing the people of Fort Collins how tasty traditional Mexican food can be. We have been enjoying these traditional tamales during every holiday season, and want to share our favorites with you. Our desire is to serve you food that we would serve our own family.

This holiday season, our tamales will be served “tricolor” which means your three tamales will be covered in our tasty red guajillo sauce, our white poblano or tarascos sauce, and a green tomatillo sauce. These sauces are carefully crafted to compliment the pork or vegetarian tamales in a memorable way we are sure you will love.

Many restaurants serving tamales skimp on meat and sauce and give you a minimal amount, leaving you with a dry mouth and mediocre flavor. We do things different at Los Tarascos. We give you a healthy portion of meat with unique sauces you won’t get anywhere else. Or if you prefer our vegetarian tamales, you can enjoy roasted poblano slices with Monterrey Jack cheese.

Looking for a festive Mexican meal to enjoy with your family and friends? Come into Los Tarascos this month to enjoy our grandmother’s gluten-free tamales and we promise, you won’t be disappointed!

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