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What Makes Los Tarascos the Best Mexican Restaurant in Fort Collins

Choosing the Best Mexican Food

Living in Fort Collins provides you with many different options for delicious and unique cuisine. In fact, there’s so many choices that we’re second behind San Francisco in restaurant per capita. With the choice to eat anything from American fare to Ethiopian food, you might find yourself a tad overwhelmed with where to enjoy dinner. But while there are tons of great choices in Fort Collins, there are few that provide delicious options for everyone in the family.

Los Tarascos is the answer you’ve been looking for when deciding where to take the family for dinner.

Why Choose Los Tarascos

Mexican Food Fort Collins

There are many reasons to choose the best Mexican restaurant in Fort Collins. For starters, we really can claim we’re the best. If you take a look at our Google reviews, you’ll see that there a plenty of folks in the Fort Collins area that swear by our food. Take a look at a few of the reviews our past customers have left for us.

  • “My favorite place for Mexican food in Fort Collins! I love the shredded beef tacos and the steak. The salsa bar is a definite game changer it's amazing all the different varieties! :) Our server was wonderful, sweet, and attentive.”

  • “House margaritas are the best I have ever had, most excellent service, great food. I had seafood relleno and side of refried beans.”

  • “Staff is very cooperative, they are always there to give you a good time, drinks are good, food is delicious.”

These reviews are just three of 158 reviews that we have on Google. With a rating of 4.2, you can bet that you’re going to have great food, great service, and a great time.

Authentic Mexican Cuisine

Mexican food can be done in many ways, but our standard here at our Mexican restaurant is to ensure authenticity. Every dish we create is made with love and attention to detail, while also maintaining the true Michoacan flavors. We love to get creative with our dishes but care to emulate the true Mexican style.

Our Mexican Food is Fresh

Everything we do here is done with quality and integrity. We use only the freshest ingredients to create everything on our menu.

We’re Family Owned and Local

The Caballero family has been apart of the Fort Collins community for over two decades, having opened Los Tarascos in 1995. Keeping the restaurant in the family has allowed us to maintain a level of quality that can’t be compromised. Not only do we care about maintaining quality within our restaurant, but we pride ourselves on being a great staple of the Fort Collins dining community.

We Have a Salsa Bar

One of the many things that makes our Mexican restaurant unique, our salsa bar has to be one feature that truly stands out. Offering multiple salsas at different levels of heat, everyone can find the perfect salsa to enjoy with their pre-dinner chips. Mix and match flavors or keep them separate, either way, we know you’ll love what our salsa bar has to offer.

A Tequila Connoisseurs Dream

Whether you love silver tequila, a great reposado or you fancy yourself an anejo drinker, our Mexican restaurant has plenty of choices for you. For those looking for the finer options in tequila, our tequila bar has plenty of premium selection for you to try.

Come Eat the Best Mexican Food in Fort Collins

If you’re looking for a place to call your favorite Mexican restaurant, don’t hesitate to come try our authentic Mexican cuisine. Our service is great, our Mexican food is delicious, and our margaritas are strong. Don’t just take our word for it, come visit us today and find out why Los Tarascos is the top rated choice for Mexican food in Fort Collins.

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