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Find Out What Los Tarascos Mexican Restaurant Has in Store for November’s Special

Los Tarascos Authentic Birria

This time of year brings out many Mexican dishes and traditions. One of those dishes is Birria. What’s Birria? Let’s take a look.

Traditionally, Birria is a stew that uses goat meat or mutton and sometimes beef or chicken. Regardless of the choice of protein in the dish, the meats are marinated in adobo spices. What’s great about Birria is that it’s typically a dish made for special occasions and holidays, making it the perfect mexican cuisine to enjoy during the month of November.

Why Birria is the Perfect Mexican Dish

What makes it the perfect Mexican dish for special occasions? Well, it’s because it’s considered to be a hangover remedy. If there’s something to be loved about Mexican culture, it’s their knack for having a great time with loved ones, as well as prepare for the consequences of alcohol indulgence.

Birria at Your Favorite Mexican Restaurant

This November, Los Tarascos is cooking up one of of their favorite recipes from their hometown of Apatzingan. The original recipe comes from a man named Don David, who was said to have the best Birria in all of Apatzingan. David, like many other mexican comida callejera (street food) vendors would create his delicious dishes at home and take to the streets of Apatzingan to share his original recipe with the people. One person who took a great liking to the Don David original recipe was Hugo Caballero Sr. of Los Tarascos Mexican Restaurant. Hugo enjoyed this dish at least once per day and was intrigued by what the recipe held. For the price of 5,000 dollars, Don David sold the recipe to Hugo Sr. and Maria Caballero tweaked the recipe a bit so it was perfect for our elevation in Fort Collins. From there, the delicious Tacos de Birria recipe was created.

How You Can Enjoy Tacos de Birria

Consommé, the broth of the stew is enjoyed on the side of the tacos. In true Mexican form, the way you eat Tacos de Birria is with fresh lime juice and either a mild tomatillo salsa or spicy red salsa. Take a bite and take a swig of the consommé.

The best way and only way to get the most out of this one of a kind recipe is at Los Tarascos where you can get not just authentic mexican food, but fantastic and fresh margaritas, your favorite cerveza, and delicious appetizers like our chorizo dip. Come in and enjoy our Tacos de Birria and more this November and be sure to make your reservation today!

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