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January Special: Mexican Comfort Food on a Cold Winter Day

Food is often rooted in family history and special memories around the table. Family recipes can prompt us to look into the lives of those who lived before us. By looking deeper into the history behind our meals, you will see that every dish has a story. At Los Tarascos, we strive to bring you specials each month that tell you a bit of our story as the Caballero family.

This January, we are bringing you albondigas, one of our favorite comfort foods from the heart of Mexico. This smoky and zesty soup will be the perfect solution to warm your body on a cold winter day.

“Albondigas” is the Spanish word for meatballs and meatball dishes have been around for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Many food historians trace them back to medieval Europe or even the Roman Empire. In Spain, Mexico, and other Latin American countries, albondigas are most often served in a soup, and this is the way we fell in love with albondigas as children.

Albondigas are often served in a tomato or chilli pepper sauce by adding unique Mexican flavors to the meal. Our albondigas follow this pattern as we serve you our beef meatballs in a tomato based soup that includes potatoes and a smoky chipotle flavor. Along with garlic, the soup is topped off with a touch of freshly chopped mint which makes Mexican albondigas unique among all other countries. This thick and hearty soup is served with tortillas on the side and will be sure to leave you pleasantly satisfied.

Most Spaniards, Mexicans, and Latin Americans enjoy albondigas with a sense of nostalgia, recalling their own family history. Our hope is as you enjoy albondigas at Los Tarascos this month you will step into our family's story and enjoy some warm comfort food on a cold winter day.

By coming into Los Tarascos, you are not only enjoying authentic Mexican food, you are stepping into a rich culture with family-favorite recipes. We love this town and will always enjoy serving you the best Mexican food in Fort Collins.

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