Sunday- Saturday

12PM - 8:00PM


We do have parking in front of Los Tarascos and directly behind the restaurant in the alley way. 

Patrons can park in the Verizon lot after 6PM.


622 S. College Ave.

Fort Collins, CO 80524


T  | 970 416 0265

​F  | 970 416 8455


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April 5, 2018

When our mom says she is making morisqueta, everyone shows up. Whether she’s cooking at Los Tarascos, La Buena Vida, or her house, the entire family comes ready to devour it. Inevitably, at least one person shows up late and is disappointed that we’ve already licked th...

Valentine’s Day at Los Tarascos Mexican Restaurant

Did you know that in 2017, consumers spent a collective amount of 18.2 billion dollars on Valentine’s Day? This means that each individual consumer spent on average, $136.57 on merchandise and services.

Doesn’t sound lik...

A Night of Love and Tequila

Valentine’s Day is a little more than one week away; do you know what your plans are?

With the holiday just over two weeks away, there’s no better time to set your plans than now. However, deciding on what to do can be a bit of a task, as doin...

December 31, 2017

Order a Michelada Instead of a Bloody Mary

Oftentimes,  when people think about curing a hangover with a little hair of the dog, they think that Bloody Marys are the best option. While they are a good option, they’re certainly not the best and that’s because Micheladas...

Los Tarascos Authentic Birria

This time of year brings out many Mexican dishes and traditions. One of those dishes is Birria. What’s Birria? Let’s take a look.

Traditionally, Birria is a stew that uses goat meat or mutton and sometimes beef or chicken. Regardless of the...

The Beautiful Traditions of Dia de los Muertos

When it comes to Mexican traditions, there are few that are bigger than Dia de los Muertos, or better known as Day of the Dead.

Dia de los Muertos is a mexican holiday in which families gather to celebrate the dead. The idea...

September 24, 2017

Why Everyone Should Love Mexican Food

Around the world, different countries and different cultures come together to create dishes that truly represent the nationality of that country and Mexican food is no different. Many different flavors and foods make up the great va...